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            Potassium Periodate

            Potassium Periodate

            Product name:Potassium Periodate( Molecular formula:KIO4 Relative Molecular weight:230.00)
            1. Properties:colorless crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in heat water, slight soluble in cool water and the solution of potassium hydroxide, insoluble in alcohol, decompose under high temperature.

            2. Uses:used as analytic reagent and oxidant;

            3. Packing:paperboard barrel lined with plastic bag, net weight: 25kg/barrel; or according to the clients' requirements.

            4. Potassium Periodate's Standard (Refer to HGT3-1158-78 )

            KIO4 assay%
            ≥ 99.0
            Iodide (as I)%
            Na %
            Clarity test
            meet the standard
            Mn %
            Other Halogen (as Cl-)%

            25kg/drum, or following your demand


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